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Name: __________ Class: ________ Date: ___ _ ~009-01-23 Cellular Respiration Exam Multiple Choice IdentifY the leiter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. l. Which of the following is the correct sequence of events in cellular respiration? a. glycolysis ~ fennentation ~ Krebs cycle b. Krebs cycle ~ electron transport ~ glycolysis c. glycolysis ~ Krebs cycle ~ electron transport 'd. ~eDs cycle -> glycolysis ~ electron transport 2. Which of the following is released during cellular respiration? oxygen aIr energy --t!:-- lactic acid 3. Cellular respiration uses one molecule of glucose to produce 2 ATP molecules. 36 ATP molecules. b. 34 ATP molecules. --d:--- 38 ATP molecules. 4. What is the correct equation for cellular respiration? 60, + C.H1,O. ~ 6CO, + 6H,O + Energy + C.H 12 0. + Energy ~ 6CO, + 6H,O 6CO, + 6H,O ~ + C.H1,O. + Energy -u:- 6CO, + 6H,O + Energy ~ + C.Hl'O. 5. Cellular respiration releases energy by breaking down food molecules. carbon dioxide. -b:- ATP. d. water. 6. What are the reactants in the equation for cellular respiration? .--.&,- oxygen and lactic acid glucose and oxygen carbon dioxide and water d. water and glucose 7. Which of these is a product of cellular respiration? -lI.- oxygen water glucose all of the above 8. Which of these processes takes place in the cytoplasm of a cell? glycolysis Krebs cycle -b-:- electron transport all of the above 9. Glycolysis provides a cell with a net gain of ~ ATP molecules. 4 ATP molecules. 10. The starting molecule for glycolysis is ADP. -ir pyruvic acid. 18 A TP molecules. 36 ATP molecules. citric acid. glucose. II. Which of the following acts as an electron carrier in cellular respiration? NAD+ ADP --b:- pyruvic acid ATP 12. In the presence of oxygen, glycolysis is followed by lactic acid fennentation. photosynthesis. ---tr.- alcoholic fennentation. d. the Krebs cycle. I
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Name: ID: A ,..... __ 13. Cellular respiration is called an aerobic process because it requires a. light. c. oxygen . .-lr. exercise. d. glucose. 14. The starting molecule for the Krebs cycle is glucose. pyruvic acid. .k.- NADH. coenzyme A. 15. The Krebs cycle produces oxygen.
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Cell_Respiration_Scanned_Test_A - Name Class Date ~...

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