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Chapter 10 summary - Economic Development Chapter 10...

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Economic Development Chapter 10 Summary The Environment and Development This chapter examines the economic causes and consequences of environmental devastation and explores the potential solutions to the cycle of poverty and resource degradation. 7 Basic issues that define the environment of development. 1. Concept of sustainable development and linkages between the environment 2. linkages between population and resources 3. poverty 4. economic growth 5. rural development 6. urbanization 7. global economy Sustainability – meeting the needs of the present generation without compromising the needs of the future generations. - if and only if the stock of overall capital assets remains constant or rises over time. Environmental Accounting:- (David Pearce, Jeremy Warford) - Environmental Capital: forests, soil quality, rangeland - Sustainable development: requires that these overall capital assets not decrease - Sustainable Net National Income (NNI): The amount that can be consumed without diminishing capital stock - NNI* = GNI – Dm – Dn - where - Dm = depreciation of manufactured capital assets - Dn = depreciation of environmental capital - better NNI* = GNI – Dm – Dn – R – A - R = expenditure to restore environmental capital - A = expenditure required to avert destruction of environmental capital. Population, Resources and the environment - Perception that we may reach a limit to the number of people whose needs can be met with earth's finite resources - despite advances in technology, out present path of accelerating environmental degradation would severely impede the ability of future generations to meet their
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Chapter 10 summary - Economic Development Chapter 10...

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