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1. In the reading, "Goal 2. Achineve universal education," it is stated that progress in  enrolment has been made in most regions in the date for the school year of 2001/02  except for sub-Saharan Africa, Southern Asia. What are the reasons for the slow  progress in enrolment in sub-Saharan Africa and Southern Asia? 2. In the article, it says “when educational resources are scarce, girls suffer most. Do you agree or disagree with this statement and why? What would be some disadvantages that girls get when it comes to education? 3. According to the article, there are only two indicators used to track progress in the efficiency of the system to retain children in school. The indicators are the survival rate to grade 5 and the primary completion rate and this is calculated through the gross intake rate at the last grade of primary school. For more accurate date, what could you measure?
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Unformatted text preview: 4. It said in the article that if Namibia continues to train teachers at its current rate of 1000 per year and maintains a desired student-to-teacher ratio of one teacher for every 34 primary school students, the teacher shortfall will increase from 1000 in 2001 to more than 7000 by 2010. What could you do to prevent the increasing shortage of teachers? 5. They have established a new program called LAMP (literacy Assessement Monitoring Programme). This aims at measuring literacy across a spectrum of activities, from basic reading and writing to the higher level skills needed to participate fully in a knowledge economy. They believe that the results of this program will serve as a valuable indication of the state of the literacy for individual countries as well as an international benchmark against which progress will be monitored. Do you think this program would be effective?...
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