Chapter 7 - 170 onwards - reading group

Chapter 7 - 170 onwards - reading group - Africa against...

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Africa against the tide - Africanists are increasingly calling for state retreat in the economy o In the form of decentralization and devolution – seen as a way to improve the delivery of services and mobilize people in support of development efforts o Hope that by shortening the distance between admin and administered, scrutiny will increase o Public officials are held accountable by the people whose lives they affect Not just to political allies or state officials o Because of this connection, they will also be more attuned to the abilities of the people who are being aided by their programs In turn people are more engaged in policymaking, likely becoming more involved in development programs – making them more effective - Decentralization may prove effective if done gradually o Allowing local bureaucratic capacity to develop over time o If there is a shortage of bureaucratic workers in a centralized government, then there will definitely be one in the decentralized government - Optimistic outlook is that any change which makes the government more responsive will then increase its legitimacy, leading to long-term strengthening o Not true in Eat Asia where they are more highly centralized states rather than decentralized - May be difficult for indigenous capitalists to emerge on a large scale economy o Esp if they are dominated by large scale producers and distributors from a neighboring economy – like in southern Africa o Elsewhere capitalists seem to be prospering much more o Entrepreneurs in a hostile or unpredictable policy environment will hesitate to invest or move into manufacturing Much needed structural reformation will not come In the absence of state involvement, national development is unlikely to occur Marxist canon may be correct after all – a bourgeois revolution, in some form, may have to precede national capitalist development
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Chapter 7 - 170 onwards - reading group - Africa against...

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