Chapter 3 pt. 2 - reading group

Chapter 3 pt. 2 - reading group - Shireen Soofi...

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Shireen Soofi, [email protected] Chapter 3 State-led Development in Practise     (p51- 58)     Poor Agricultural Performance Widening of urban-rural gap (referred to as dualism) reflected primary development In building the industry, ISI neglected and penalised agriculture o Third-world states kept agricultural prices so low, farming became unattractive Primary exports became slow o Ghana- cocoa market had declining exports o Nigeria- ground nut and palm oil exports fell to 0% in the 70’s o Restricted income available for investment and worse balance-of- payment problems Produced narrowly-based income growth = demand for non-food and imported capital-intensive products Countries that encouraged agricultural development got more broad- based income growth, creating demand for local goods irony is sometimes strategies focused on developing agriculture did more for industrialisation that the strategies of the ISI Corruption License administration allowed officials to demand kickbacks, marketing boards/public/firms could be used to get resources for personal use, government budgets could be plumbed for individual interest. o India – resulted in lost management time, line ups in govn’t offices, etc. o Africa – government officials squeezing revenue from farmers through market boards, even when market was failing Some say certain third-world dictators kept the Swiss banking industry
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Chapter 3 pt. 2 - reading group - Shireen Soofi...

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