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History Notes 2 - Jefferson and Jackson Democracy 1 Welcome...

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Jefferson and Jackson Democracy March 20, 2007 1. Welcome Spring 8:07 2. Jefferson Administration. 3. War of 1812. 4. The American System. 5. Monroe Doctrine. 6. Election of 1824. 7. The Tariff and Nullification. 8. The Bank War. 9. Indian Removal Act of 1830 and Trail of Tears. 10. Creation of Whig Party and Election of 1840. Jefferson Administration – Comes in…different style – casual style. Minimum expenditures. Democrats have the majority…Federalists have been pushed away because of the Alien and Sedition Acts. Judicial Review – Supreme Court can declare a rule unconstitutional. Famous Case: Marbury vs. Madison 1803. Famous Chief Justice – 1801 to 1835 – John Marshall (distant cousin of T. Jefferson). Marshall make a big claim. Louisiana Purchase – Mississippi River….Louisiana is in Frances hands. Jefferson wants New Orleans. Monroe sits with Napoleon. --- Contemplated passing an Amendment to get land from foreign countries. Jefferson abolished the Whisky Task. Alien Sedition acts expired (March 3, 1801…day before Adams term ended) 1804 runs for re-election…wins by a landslide….his second term makes his reputation go down. British are still attacking ships. Jefferson is confronted with this problem. Chesapeake Incident 1807 – British (Leopard) attacked our (Chesapeake) ship ten miles off the coast…3 Americans are killed – 18 wounded – 4 sailors taken and impressed… returned in 1812. Embargo Act – Dec. 1807. Congress passes the Embargo Act no American ships may leave their ports, no foreign ships can come into our ports. Blockade on our country. Purpose = Telling Britain and France to back off or we will not trade with them at
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History Notes 2 - Jefferson and Jackson Democracy 1 Welcome...

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