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Chapter 1: Progress of Development Development became significant following WWII, because of the challenge of rebuilding countries Institutions were created to help manage the process (the World Bank, etc) Theories of challenges that backwards countries faced, and the means by which these challenges would be met arose Development meant industrialization in those days, with the goal to raise income, becoming more prosperous. Independence of former colonies --> they came to independence poor, eager to develop Developmental thinking (theories), post war started out neither left nor right (old right though) wing - -everyone favoured using the state as an agent of social transformation, with a focus on the collective (p2) Keynesian economics - influenced academics and foreign advisors who
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Unformatted text preview: proposed models that assigned the state a leading role in the economy. • 1970s, post war boom came to an end, and shortcomings of state led development was clear- countries had consumed more resources than they had generated (social spending) (p3) • The right resurfaced as neoclassical liberalism saying that the 3rd world needed more market and less state (structural adjustment) • SA mostly failed: positive results came to more advanced 3rd world countries, but it did more harm than good to others • 1990s, post development theory - PDT is about the people, not about not about a market or state • Today, development theory is less programmatic, and more concerned with flexibility and adaptability. Not more or less state, but a better state....
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