INTD200-sept15 - I NTD200 Finished with Dependency last t...

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INTD200 September 15, 2009 - Finished with Dependency last time. - Focus on East Asia development/ underdevelopment or low levels of economic growth - Lack of Economic growth is because they were not trading enough - Many versions of dependency theories emphasize the treatment: the amount of trading the third world countries are engaged in relative to the size of their economic output was very low, so trading was not a big contributor to production. - Then, how could it be underdevelopment when trading takes small part in their economy? Studies look at what makes East Asia successful, or Japan successful? 90’s the idea was accepted: not to be in de-linking from trade relation but to exchanging trade relation At the same time that development theories are trying to explain development and underdevelopment and so on of global economy faces a new crisis. Collapse of economic system placed since 40s. Americans have abandoned the “gold standard” – USA was facing increasing deficits in trade and also the cost of the war in Vietnam in early 70s. Currency start to flow against each other Americans didn’t have enough gold to back up their dollars All countries stack more and more dollars in American banks which had lots of money and simply wanted to get good loan invest rates 10 yrs later. -
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INTD200-sept15 - I NTD200 Finished with Dependency last t...

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