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McGill University Fall 2008 Introduction to International Development INTD 200-001 (CRN: 3783) Mid-term Exam (2.45-3.45 p.m.) 1 hour October 9, 2008 Name: Student ID: Instructions - Answer any 4 of the 5 questions below. - Provide country examples where appropriate. - Please enter your name and student ID on BOTH the exam and the question paper - The question paper is to be submitted with the exam 1. How much or how little has the idea and meaning of “development” changed since the 1940s? 2. The neoclassical doctrine can be summarized as follows: “If individuals are left to pursue their narrow self-interests, society as a whole benefits, whereas if individuals are compelled to pursue collective interests, society
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Unformatted text preview: as a whole suffers….One cardinal rule follows from this: the less state, the better” (Rapley, 2007: 64). Do you agree with this ‘rule’? 3. Identify the key elements of structural adjustment programs that were implemented across the world in the 1980s. 4. The arrival/exit of state-led development policies/neoliberalism has occurred more as a response to ‘currently existing’ economic conditions than due to the merits/weaknesses of neoclassical theories/statism. Comment. 5. Discuss the commonalities and differences between ISI-practicing countries and the developmental states of East Asia. GOOD LUCK!...
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