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ENVR203 – Conference April 1, 2010 - Lumin: Trace the climate change policy in political sphere/ economic and business domain, hard science, Lawyers. – They want to be re-elected, so go with public idea. For people surviving economy is more important to climate change would be pushed aside. So there is economic priority, so it gives difficulty to people to act on climate change policy. They have make decisions about policies and get fundings. What they think their people desire. Priority of politicians/ how would they act on it and what way would they act. Aciting between laws, they make laws and regulation. Balance between all the different domain. Find balance between sicene and economics and find balance and make laws out of it. Politicians are concerned with getting re-elected and their priority would be their citizen. They would understand climate change as how it would be related to their citizens - Economics: incentives are crucial. -
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