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ecofeminism lecture - ENVR 203 Ecofeminism January 26, 2010...

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Ecofeminism January 26, 2010 Plan for today • What is ecofeminism? • Two unclear issues in ecofeminism • Population policy and women • Conclusion of Part 1 How serious are global gender inequalities? Canada’s population 33 million (2007) World population 6,515 million (2005) • Canada male/female: 16,332K / 16,643K In western countries, there are about 103 women for every 100 men, given the good access to healthcare, education. .. • World male/female: 3,283M / (3,345M?) • Actual male/female: 3,283M / 3,232M When we apply the male/female ratio of western countries to the world population we find out that. .. ... 113 million women are missing in the world! Comment (student) Why should the statistically world m/f ratio follow the western statistics? Answer (prof) There is no biological difference between Asian, African or North American. .. population so the m/f should be the same everywhere. Feminism defined • Feminism holds that gender inequities should be reduced/eradicated. Sexism (biological, physiological) vs Gender (socially constructed ideas of what your sex entails) • Gender inequalities are not only economic/political/social problems, but also epistemological/psychological problems. Gender inequalities are socially/politically. .. constructed AND internalized by women (and men) => epistemological/psychological Comment Gender inequalities can also be a burden for men since they have to carry the image the society wants them to carry. Ecofeminism • There is important link between dominations of women and dominations of nature. • An understanding of one is crucial to the understanding of the other. • Two recommended books
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ecofeminism lecture - ENVR 203 Ecofeminism January 26, 2010...

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