Chapter 5 Policing History and Structure(2)

Chapter 5 Policing History and Structure(2) - Chapter 5...

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Chapter 5 Policing: History and Structure Revised Summer 2010 I Historical Development of Policing A English Roots 1 The Old System a No real police for existed until 1800s 2 Comes Stabuli or mounted officers did exist in medieval times a Rode with local posse 3 The Statute of Winchester a Dated 1285 sets out how towns could have primitive police forces b Called a watch and ward system B Bow Street Runners 1 Formed by local magistrate in 1720s 2 Only quasi-public force C The New Police 1 By 1800s in London clear need for police a To avoid using army and to tame crime 2 Created in 1829 by Sir Robert Peel a Hence called Bobbies 3 Goal was to create alternative to naked force a Police were unarmed b State goal was respect for citizens D Early America 1 Frequently America had little law enforcement a Sometimes private vigilantes arose 2 Were some local county officials a Called Sheriffs (from Shire-reeve) b More political than law enforcement E The Early Police Forces 1 NYC created a quasi-police force as early as 1831 a But not formally until 1844 2 Most Northern cities followed NYC lead 3 Well established by 1900 a Soon employed modern techniques b Began hiring women in 1918 F Prohibition 1 Ushered in an age of massive corruption 2 Wickersham Commission issued report a Prohibition impossible to enforce b Hurt public-police relations G The LEAA 1 Law Enforcement Assistance Agency created in 1968 a Provide funds and standards to professionalize 1
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Chapter 5 Policing History and Structure(2) - Chapter 5...

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