Chapter 8 Policing - Issues and Challenges

Chapter 8 Policing - Issues and Challenges - Chapter 8...

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Chapter 8 Policing: Issues and Challenges Revised Summer 2010 I Introduction A The Problems with Police 1 Corruption 2 On the Job dangers 3 Use of deadly or excessive force B Emerging Problems 1 Using Racial profiling 2 Civil Liability II Police Personality and Culture A Police Socialization 1 How the police rookie acquires the values of the police veteran 2 Developing the “Police Working Personality a Some traits 1) Authoritarian 2) Suspicious 3) Insecure 4) Honorable 5) Cynical 6) Dogmatic 7) Hostile 8) Loyal 9) Secretive 10)Conservative 11)Efficient 12)Individualistic 13)Prejudicial B Factors Creating Police Personality 1 Survival on the Streets 2 Exposure to poor examples of human behavior 3 Attitude of other senior officers III Corruption and Integrity A The Police in the Material World 1 Money is the central organizing fact in US society a The police are members of this society b Both on duty and off duty 2 The Scope and degree of corruption varies a From simple gratuities to acts of crime 3 Seen as a progression from deviance to corruption B History 1 Corruption has a long history in America a Certainly accelerated in Prohibition 2 Exposed widely in the 1960s 1
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3 Knapp commission in NYC a 1970 exposed wide scale police corruption b Two types 1) Grass eaters – took bribes or favors if offered 2) Meat eaters – sought out money or favors 4 Problem is nationwide
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Chapter 8 Policing - Issues and Challenges - Chapter 8...

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