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Chapter 9 – The Courts: Structure and Participants Revised Summer 2010 I Introduction A Different Courts 1 There are courts of all different types in America a Listing 1) Public – appeals 2) Public – trial 3) Federal 4) State 5) Private Courts II History and Structure of the American Court System A Public Courts 1 Two basic types a Federal and State 2 Jurisdiction a What is the correct courts SYSTEM to hear your case III The State Court System A The Development of State Courts 1 Each state has a unique system 2 Two Broad Types of Jurisdictions a Original – what court has a TRIAL on guilt or innocence b Appellate – what court hears an appeal from a lower court 3 Traditionally lots of different types with different functions a Gradually have consolidated B State Court System Today 1 NC Magistrate or Small Claims a Typically handle cases under $5,000 b Can accept some minor pleas 1) Traffic Court is called Disposition 2 NC District Court a Handles amounts under $10,000 and misdemeanors b Also issue arrest and search warrants 3 NC Superior Court a Handles major civil cases b Handles major felony cases 4 NC Court of Appeals a Appellate court b First court of appeals from district/superior 5 NC Supreme Court a Appellate court 1
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b Final state court of appeals C NC Courts 1 All of NC judges are elected D State Court Administration 1 Who handles the paperwork 2 In NC you elect the clerk of Court a Many other systems have appointed officials E Alternatives 1 Some jurisdictions have alternatives to courts a Dispute Resolution centers b Mediators c Arbitrators
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Chapter 9 The Courts - Structure and Participants_1 - 1...

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