Chapter 12 Probation Parole and Community Corrections

Chapter 12 Probation Parole and Community Corrections - 1...

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Chapter 12 – Parole, Probation and Community Corrections Revised Summer 2010 I The Justification for Community Corrections A Overcrowding 1 Recent trend was towards ‘get tough’ laws a Longer sentences b More crimes punished by incarceration c More acts deemed criminal 2 Created massive backlog in inmates a Need to find alternative to incarceration B Reintegration 1 Go is to rehabilitate offender 2 Argument is that prison leads to HIGHER rates of later incarceration C Edibility for Probation 1 Typical a Many factors will make you ineligible for probation 1) Committing multiple crimes 2) Already on probation 3) 2 or more prior convictions 4) Drug or alcohol addict 5) Committed a violent crime 6) Use a weapon D Conditions of Probation 1 Typically set by judge based on common rules 2 Principles a Restrictions should be related to rehabilitation OR b Related to protection of the general public c Frequently entails a waiver of constitutional rights II What is Probation? A Defined 1 Sentenced served while under supervision in the community 2 The Most common form of punishment in the US 3 Has numerous advantages a Far cheaper than incarceration b Seems to be more humane c Has higher levels of rehabilitation B Roots of Probation 1 Judicial Reprieve a Defined – the judge postpones or suspends judgment b Limited somewhat 1
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c Can’t suspend a sentence indefinitely 2 John Augustus a Lived in Massachusetts in the 1800s 1) Fairly wealthy b Began attending court during 1840s-1850s c Ran a private system of rehabilitation d Reformed almost 1800 inmates D Probation Conditions 1 Convicted individual must agree to conditions 2 Two types of conditions a General – obey the law, remain in area etc b Specific – unique to this case 3 Types of Conditions a Standard 1) Report to center or officer 2) Maintain employment 3) Fixed address 4) Often pay cost of supervision b Punitive (Special) 1) Pay a fine to the state 2) Perform community Service 3) Confined movement – home monitors, etc
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Chapter 12 Probation Parole and Community Corrections - 1...

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