Chapter 14 Prison Life

Chapter 14 Prison Life - Chapter 14 Prison Life Revised...

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Chapter 14 Prison Life Revised Summer 2010 I Introduction A Basics 1 Traditionally we ignored our prisons B Research on Prison Life – Total Institutions 1 Initial studies focused on maximum security for men 2 Total Institution a Study of Prisons and Mental Hospitals b Coined by Erving Goffman c Where you inmates are completely cut off from whole of society II The Male Inmate’s World A The Inmate World 1 Prison subculture – values and behavior patterns of prison inmates a Very consistent across the country 2 Prisonization a Process like socialization whereby new or incoming inmates accept standard prison values b Five elements (1960 code) 1) Don’t Interfere, never rat on a con 2) Don’t lose your head, do your own time 3) Don’t exploit other cons, keep your own word 4) Don’t whine, be a man 5) Don’t be a sucker, don’t trust guards or staff 3 The Prison Argot a Language developed inside prison b See page 591 (my text for terms) B The Evolution of Prison Subculture 1 Gradually different cultures have emerged a Listing 1) Official – staff ideal 2) Traditional – the old code of prison 3) Reform – subculture that evolved during the experimental era (late 60s-70s) 4) Revolutionary – radical style of disenfranchised C The Function of Prison Subcultures 1 Why do subcultures form? a What are the Prisoners deprived of 1) Liberty 2) Goods and Services 3) Heterosexual relationships 1
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4) Autonomy 5) Personal Security 2 Describing the Structure of prisons a Prisoner-staff division b General classes or prisoners c Work gangs and cell house d Racial Groups e Type of offense d Power of ‘political’ prisoners f Degree of sexual abnormality g Record of repeat offenses h Personality difference due D Prison Lifestyles and Inmate Types 1 Some types of described adaptation a Mean Dude – violent likes to fight b Hedonist – getting maximum pleasure c Opportunist – taking advantage of time d Retreatist – withdraw from society inside prison e Legalist – seek early release or court relief f Radical – political (or want to be) prisoners g Colonizer – adapting so much to prison you
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Chapter 14 Prison Life - Chapter 14 Prison Life Revised...

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