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The Three Levels of Development Notes

The Three Levels of Development Notes - December 8 2006 The...

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December 8, 2006 The Three Levels of Development- Pg. 440-441 Developed Countries - highest level of economic and social development - Characteristics of developed countries are: 1. Citizens have the highest standard of living in the world, 2. Economies are based on services (i.e. education) because they are well-developed, 3. Manufacturing is a less important economic activity today than in the past, and 4. Primary industries are the least important part of economy in terms of value and providing jobs - wealth and high standard of living have been achieved at great cost - will be challenge for these countries to maintain their standard of living while reducing their impact on the world’s environment Developing Countries - lowest levels of economic and social growth - Characteristics of developing countries (i.e. countries of Africa, Asia) are: 1. Countries have economies that are dominated by primary industries, esp. by agriculture- most people are farmers who eat most of what they
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