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12 PY WP A-3 Bank Rec SNB -...

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286                Apple Blossom Cologne Company                      A-3                                                                              Bank Reconciliation-Second National (payroll)            1-21-03                                                                                              12-31-02                                   JWP                                                                                               (Prepared By Client)                                                                                                                                       
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Unformatted text preview: ================================================================================================================================== ================================================================================================================================== Balance Per Bank Statement 7453 C# Deduct: Checks outstanding No. Payee 5997 Bert Campo Dec. 27 297N 5998 Patricia Sanders Dec. 27 312N 5999 Raymond Arthur Dec. 27 262N 6000 David Johnson Dec. 27 346N 6001 Elizabeth Robertson Dec. 27 318N 1535 Balance Per Books 12-31-02 5918 ^ Audit adjustments: (TB-BS) None Balance per audit 5918 ^ Footed # Agreed to beginning balance of cutoff bank statement. C Confirmed with bank per (A-4). N Examined paid checks clearing with cutoff bank statement and traced to cash disbursements journal for Dec. 2002....
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