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30 PY WP E4 Invstmt Confirm - transactions we have executed...

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Apple Blossom Cologne Company E-4 Investment Confirmation   1-24-03    December 31, 2002 JWP ROBERTS AND UNDERWOOD Securities Brokers 1218 Northern Expressway * Chicago, Illinois Phone: 312-555-6901 January 6, 2003 Anderson, Olds and Watershed Certified Public Accountants 615 Big City Bank Building Chicago, Illinois 60612 As per the request of our client, Apple Blossom Cologne Company, we are providing this detail listing of the
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Unformatted text preview: transactions we have executed for the account of Apple Blossom during the calendar year 2002. Bought Date (Sold) Amount Commission Net 2/12 1,270 sh. Lackawanna Energy $147,161 $159 $147,320 @$115 ( E-1 ) ROBERTS AND UNDERWOOD James Whitcomb Account Manager JAW/amr 49...
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