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Traffic Fee Table Fee Type Amount $28 for every $10 of bail or fine or fraction thereof. Penalty Assessment (1464 Penal Code, 76000 Government Code) Night Court Fee (42006 Vehicle Code) $1 Court Security Fee (69926.5 Government Code, 1465.8 Penal Code) $30 per Bailable Convicted Violation Criminal Surcharge Fee (1465.7 Penal Code) 20% of the base bail or fine Criminal Conviction Assessment Fee (70373 Government Code) $30 for each misdemeanor violation $35 for each infraction violation Abstract Fee [40508.6(b) Vehicle Code] $10 Proof of Correction Fee (40611 Vehicle Code) $25 per correctable violation Sheriff's Inspection Fee $15 Civil Assessment (1214.1 Penal Code) $300 Certification Fee [70626(a)(4) Government Code] $25 Copy Fee, per page [70627(a) Government Code] $0.50 Non-Sufficient Funds Check (71386 Government
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Unformatted text preview: Code) $65 Traffic Violator School Fee (42007.1 Vehicle Code, 11205 Vehicle Code) $64 (non-refundable) Accounts Receivable Fee [1205(d) Penal Code] $30 Penalty Assessment Example (Effective June 10, 2010, the penalty assessment amount increases from $26 to $28): If one is fined $25.00, the Penalty Assessment charge will be $84.00 (3 X $28.00), plus the original fine of $25.00, plus any other assessment. For every $28.00 of Penalty Assessment collected, the money is allocated as follows: $ 5.00 State Courthouse Facilities Construction Fund (70372a GC) $ 1.00 State DNA Identification Fund (76104.6 GC) $ 3.00 State DNA Identification Fund (76104.7 GC) $ 10.00 State Penalty Fund (1464 PC) $ 2.00 County Emergency Medical Services Fund (76000.5 GC) $ 7.00 County Penalty Fund (76000 GC)...
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