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New SEPU Application 10-11-07_3

New SEPU Application 10-11-07_3 - SPECIAL EVENT PERMIT...

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SPECIAL EVENT PERMIT APPLICANT INSTRUCTIONS The Special Event Permit Application you requested is attached. Please follow the instructions below and return the completed application with all necessary documents to: Los Angeles Police Department Special Events Permit Unit 1149 South Broadway, 5 th Floor, Stop 932 Los Angeles, CA 90015 Phone: (213) 847-1640 Fax: (213) 847-1797 The Special Events Permit Unit (SEPU) of the Los Angeles Police Department is responsible for receiving and investigating applications for permits involving parades, processions, marches, demonstrations and assemblies. These permits are approved by the Board of Police Commissioners (Board). If your event involves an athletic event or other activities not described above, you may require a Street/Lane Closure Permit from the Department of Public Works, Bureau of Street Services (BSS). The BSS Street Use Inspection Division can be reached at (213) 847-6000. Los Angeles Municipal Code Section §103.111 regulates procedures pertaining to permits approved by the Board. Event routes MAY NOT EXCEED THREE (3) MILES and applications will not be processed unless ALL of the following requirements are met: h Applications should be submitted at least 40 days prior to the date of the event. However, no application will be accepted if it is received less than five (5) days prior to the date of the event; h Applications will only be accepted if they are fully complete and legible ; h The signature of the applicant must be included (notarization is not required); h If the applicant is not an employee or representative of the sponsoring organization, a written authorization from the Sponsoring Organization allowing the applicant to apply on its behalf must be included; h A map of the event route should be provided and must match the route described on the application; h Details describing all marching groups, props, parade elements, vehicles, floats, etc., must be included in the application; h A signed “Hold Harmless” agreement must be submitted with the application. To avoid unnecessary delays in approving your application, the below items must be received prior to the date of the event: b A statement of the estimated traffic control costs from the Los Angeles Department of Transportation (commercial events); b Proof of automobile insurance for each vehicle utilized in the parade; b Proof of inspection by the Los Angeles Fire Department of all floats, vehicles, sound systems or other unique parade elements/props; b Proof of payment of the clean up deposit paid to the Department of Public Works, Bureau of Street Services (if the event involves large animals, the sale of food/beverages or the erection of any structure).
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Special Event Permit Applicant Instructions Page 2 16.2 Each permit includes requirements associated with the safe conduct of the event. These requirements are known as “Conditions and Restrictions.” Applicants must acknowledge receipt and acceptance of the Conditions and Restrictions prior to the final approval of the permit. Therefore, applicants are strongly encouraged to contact the SEPU staff to coordinate the receipt
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New SEPU Application 10-11-07_3 - SPECIAL EVENT PERMIT...

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