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Spring 2010: ISAM 5331 / ACCT 5333 Copyright © 2010 Richard Meyer. All rights reserved. This material may not be reproduced, displayed, modified or distributed without the express prior written permissions of the copyright holder. Homework Assignment 08 Assignment Details: 1. Review and analyze the studb_schema_install.sql script used in Homework 3 and create an ERD in Microsoft Visio that accurately details the existing database structure and the relationships. Note: Be sure to configure Microsoft Visio to use Crow’s Foot notation and show the data types . 2. Using Microsoft Visio, design a normalized expansion to the STU database that includes the following: 1) A table that stores semester/term information Term ID Term Name Begin/End Dates 2) A table that stores instructor information 3) A table that stores course information Example: ISAM 5331 4) A table that stores class information Classes are instances of courses for a given semester Classes can be taught by one or more instructors
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