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LAB REPORT FORMAT For each lab report, you are required to submit a single Microsoft Word document, which includes: a. Cover page; i. Include the name(s) of the students in the group, their class day (e.g. Monday 7 pm class), experiment name, date, time the experiment performed. b. Body of the report; i. Include your network design or drawings ii. Configuration command listings for each network device (you need to prepare the required configuration files before you come to the lab for most efficient use of your lab time). iii. Experimental procedure 1. Explanation of the work you did during the experiment, your observations, difficulties you encountered, how you resolved them. 2. Answer to the questions in the experimental sheet
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Unformatted text preview: iv. Conclusion 1. A paragraph summarizing what you learned from the experiment and what you think the objective of the experiment was. c. APPENDIX: i. Captured command outputs for PCs, Servers, Network Devices ii. Captured configuration Files per device e.g. SWA, SWB, Router1 iii. All related screen shots properly labeled In your lab reports substance of your report matters. Reporting is not just putting all the data you collected during the experiment and sending to the TA. Good analyses, conclusions, lessons learned also affects your lab grade. Additionally, organization and neatness matters. Please pay attention to those considerations. IMPORTANT: With Virtual Labs DO NOT forget to attach your .rsm files to your lab report!!!...
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LabReportFormat - iv. Conclusion 1. A paragraph summarizing...

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