English midterm characters

English midterm characters - English 2148 Midterm Exam...

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English 2148 Midterm Exam . Name:________________________________Section # and teacher:________________ Turn This Exam in along w/ the answers for Section TWO and Section THREE that you provided on separate notebook paper. *Section ONE: Below are 20 Multiple Choice Questions. Circle the best answer for each question. (2 Points Each) 1. In which of the following years was Shakespeare born? a. 1400 b. 1564 c. 1588 d. 1616 2. Tranio spends much of the play disguised as which character? a. Vincentio b. Petruchio c. Lucentio d. Hortensio 3. Bianca is forbidden by her father to get married until what happens to her sister Kate? a. she dies b. she goes to school c. she gets married d. she eats beef with mustard 4. Who says, “The more my wrong, the more his spite appears./What, did he marry me to famish me?” a. Bianca b. Katharina c. the Widow d. the Hostess of the Alehouse 5. In what city does A Midsummer Night’s Dream open? a. Venice b. London c. Athens d. Illyria 6. Hippolyta is Queen of the: a. Fairies b. Amazons c. Pygmies d. Ball 7. Who says, “Methought I was enamored of an ass”? a. Titania b. Hippolyta c. Hydrangea d. Lydia 8. Who says, “If we shadows have offended,/ Think but this and all is mended”? a. Bottom b. Oberon c. Titania d. Puck 9. What does Oberon want from Titania? a. a black pearl b. sex c. an Indian boy d. the ruby amulet 10. Who would most likely say “With duty and desire we follow you”? a. Helena b. Egeus c. Bottom d. Lysander 11. Who says, “I am your spaniel; The more you beat me, I will fawn on you”? a. Katharina b. Viola c. Helena d. Poodalia 12. Who says, “the world must be peopled”? a. Petruchio b. Orsino c. Benedick d. Orsino 13. Who says, “in the congregation where I should wed, there will I shame her”? a. Benedick b. Claudio c. Feste d. Lucentio 14. Who is a follower of Don John? a. Oswald b. Fluvio c. Borachio d. Leontine 15. In what country is Much Ado About Nothing set? a. England
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English midterm characters - English 2148 Midterm Exam...

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