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Midterm study questions-1

Midterm study questions-1 - Lucentio and Tranio What is...

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Midterm study questions… Hortensio— music tutor Who falls in love with Bottom? Titania Viola’s suitanin (sp)— Cesario Grumio? Petruchio’s servant Soliquoy? Speech made by character either by himself or aside Swoon— to faint You always end with a jade’s trick— Beatrice Who is Vincentio? Lucentio’s dad Hortensio persuades Petruchio to marry Kate. Who tells Don John about Claudio’s love for Hero? Borachio In Midsummer, who is in love with Hermia at the beginning of the play? Demetrius and Lysander “If I had my mouth I would bite, if I had my liberty I would do my liking…” Don John The only play with a villain is Much ado about nothing—Don John Gremio— elderly suitor of Kate Sir Toby, how is he related to Olivia— Uncle. Who does Hortensio marry? The widow. Why does Lucentio dress up as a tutor? Trying to win Bianca’s affection. Goofy outfit to wedding? Petruchio Robin Goodfellow other name? Puck 2 characters that utilize stichomythia (when they finish each others lines)?
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Unformatted text preview: Lucentio and Tranio What is Baptista talking about when he enters the play? That Kate has to be married before Bianca. “I see a human may be a fool, if she not a spirit to resist.” Kate Iambic pentameter— 10 syllables Bottom, Quince, and company plan to put on a play for thesus and hippolyta What does Christopher Sly cal his wife? Madam “some were born great, some achieve greatness, some have greatness thrown upon them”— Malvolio said it from the letter. “we cannot fight like men do, we should not be wooed and were not made to woo” Helena “I come to wed by wealthy in Padua” Petruchio “If we shadows have offended think about this all has mended.” Puck “I would rather be hinker and hedge than a rose on his grave” Don John “Man is but an ass if he go about if he ____ about his dream.” Puck What are argosies? Merchant Ships Taming of the shrew—what 2 characters open up the play proper? Lucentio and Tranio...
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