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History Notes 5

History Notes 5 - Civil War 1 Seceding States 2 Fort Sumter...

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Civil War April 17, 2007 1. Seceding States 2. Fort Sumter 3. The Bored States 4. Resources for Waging War 5. Black Enlistment 6. Goals and Strategies for Victory 7. Brief Descriptions of Battles (1861 – 1863) 8. Emancipation Proclamation 9. Opposition at Home 10. Brief Description of Battles (1864 – 1865) 11. Total War Ken Burns Civil War documentary 1. Seceding States 7 - States; confederate capital = Montgomery ; President = Jefferson Davis . 8 additional slave states that have not seceded 2. Fort Sumter Takes place in: Charleston Harbor When 7 states seceded they take federal property . Fort Sumter still under federal property March 4 th 1871 – Lincoln takes office . o Lincoln’s options : Only provision the fort. (Only re-supply it with food.) Unhappy about this…ultimatum, if fort is not evacuated by April 12 @ 5am , they will start to bombard the fort . 18 hours of fighting – Union commander surrenders . o The only casualty is a horse . Why is this bad thing for the south? o They look like the “ bad guys ” It would be hard for Lincoln to get volunteers to invade the South…after the bombardment the volunteers come easily. Two or three days after bombardment Lincoln calls for 75,000 volunteers for 90 days o 1860 = 16,000 troops o 1860 Federal Budget: $ 63 Million : 1865 = 1$ Billion o This is going to take more than 90 days. Final tipping points for 4 other states secede after the call for volunteers: NC, VA, AK, TN. o Confederate Capital is moved to: Richmond, VA.
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3. The Border States 4 Border - Slave States: MD, KY, MO, Del Several reasons why people want them back: Many power, taxes, recourses, if the secede there is more land that is needed to be fought back for. o Lincoln tries to keep these for in the Union : during the entire Civil War, they were still slave states (it was legal.) Delaware state legislator votes unanimously to stay in the Union . Kentucky had some arguing back and forth, end up staying in the Union in the end… this was important for Lincoln because he was born in Kentucky. Maryland
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History Notes 5 - Civil War 1 Seceding States 2 Fort Sumter...

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