Religion Self Test (Chapter 27,29)

Religion Self Test (Chapter 27,29) - The Johannine Letters...

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Chapter 27: The Johannine Letters 1. In terms of the authorship of 1, 2, and 3 John (the Johannine letters), which of the following is not a fact? a) Only 1 John mentions the author as John. b) 1 John is anonymous. c) The author of 2 and 3 John refers to himself as “the elder.” d) The attribution to John is based on church tradition. 2. The purpose of all three letters is a) to encourage the Johannine churches as they undergo persecution. b) to restore relations between the Johannine churches and the Pauline churches. c) to deal with conflict and schism in Johannine churches. d) to convince Jewish Christians of a law-free gospel. 3. The genre of 1 John is probably best described as a) a theological tract. b) a letter. c) wisdom literature. d) a defense speech. 4. The elder who writes 2 John and 3 John responds to conflict in the church by
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a) forbidding church members to show hospitality to those who have left. b) reminding all members that they are part of the same body. c) insisting that no one belongs to Peter, Paul, or Apollos, but all belong to Christ. d) calling for compromise on matters of Christology.
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Religion Self Test (Chapter 27,29) - The Johannine Letters...

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