Religion 1005 Test 1 Notes

Religion 1005 Test 1 Notes - 14:33 Hebrew, Israelites, and...

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Unformatted text preview: 14:33 Hebrew, Israelites, and Israelis Who were the majority of people who wrote the books? o Israelites (Jews) Descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob All 3 were called Hebrew. We get Israelites from Jacob. His name was Israel o Means struggles with God After Jacob his kids were called Israels children. This is where the name Israelites came from o Currently they are called Israelis History of Ruling Kingdoms 1 st King was Saul o David takes over in 1000 BCE For a great deal of time historical critics believed that King David was a made up character to make a good story. But around the turn of the 20 th century stones were found dating to his exact time etched with, House of David. So there was in fact a King David o Solomon (Davids son) takes over in 960 BCE- first temple was built by him before 922 BCE o Rehoboam (Solomons son) takes over When he becomes kings the counselors came to him about the taxes. When his father, Solomon, was king he instituted a great deal of taxes and wasnt very liked toward the end of his reign. The counselors told Rehoboam that he should let up on the taxes. Rehobam went to his friends asking them what they thought and they told him to not let up, but it fact imposed tougher taxes, so he would get more money. He went to the counselors and told them, You think my dad was hard? Wait until you see the taxes Ill institute. The people did not like this, so they decide they are making their own kingdom. o Jeroboam leads the new kingdom. It is made up of the 10 Tribes of the north They take the name Israel, leaving Rehoboam and his kingdom with the name Judah. 722 BCE the North is invaded by the Assyrians o they take those 10 Tribes, and they are now called the 10 Lost Tribes Now all is left is the Kingdom of Judah o The Assyrians now try to attack Judah, but as the bible says, the angel of the Lord appeared, and killed the Assyrians soldiers. So the Assyrians say they won and leave. 587 BCE Babylonians take the ones from Judah o They are now called Jews o The Babylonians tear down the temple This is very devastating to the Jews because the Temple is the one place where God comes down to the people. So this leaves the Jews thinking that God left them....
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Religion 1005 Test 1 Notes - 14:33 Hebrew, Israelites, and...

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