History notes 3

History notes 3 - Manifest Destiny and the Mexican American...

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Unformatted text preview: Manifest Destiny and the Mexican American War March 27, 2007 1. Manifest Destiny. 2. Texas. 3. 5440 or Fight. 4. War with Mexico. 1. Manifest Destiny God given right to expand (from sea to shining sea) Comes from: John O Sullivan 1845. Starts @ Jamestown. More resources. Defense reasons. Offers the possibility of more slave states. (controversial) Fulfill the goal of the trade route to China. Spread our way of life and democracy. (Bring democracy to our benighted masses.) Place to put the immigrants. Need to hurry up Spanish is there, owning up to the boarder of California. Native Americans. Sharing Oregon territory with Great Britain. Texas is an independent country. 2. Texas Texas being an independent country until 1821. Before this they were conjoined with Mexico. -- 387 map. Q. How do they becoming living in Texas? A. Mexican government proofs Mexican families. They want to move there because the soil is great for growing cotton. Mosses goes to Mexico and gets Mexico to allow 300 families to live in Texas. By 1830 there are 20,000 Americans Texas. That is twice as many Mexicans. Outlaw slavery and the slave trade. Put a tariff on goods coming from inside the USA. o Why? To try to buy Mexican. Less likely wanting to stay there. Texas is combined with another Mexican state. Now move the capital 500 miles away. New legislative body Texas only gets one delegate....
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History notes 3 - Manifest Destiny and the Mexican American...

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