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Annette Prewett (Sidney Pearson, Andrea Woolf) Hand washing Introduction: Bacteria is everywhere around us. Most are not pathogenic but under certain circumstances can cause a disease. Our bodies need bacteria to survive, these microorganisms (normal microbiota) will colonize within a host without causing a disease. Under certain circumstances, the microorganisms that normally don’t cause diseases can become pathogenic but can still be part of normal microbiota. Microorganisms are continually evolving, causing new resistances to chemical therapy(i.e. antibiotics) from previous treatments. For example E. coli, which is needed in our natural intestinal flora, acquired a plasmid with genes from another bacteria. The E. coil mutated and become a deadly strain called E. coli 0157:H7, which produces the Shiga toxin. The normal microbiota on our skin wages war against the transient microbiota that can cause diseases within us. Transient microbes can be past from person to person. Hand washing is one of the best defense against transferring these pathogens from person to person. There are three important steps to effective hand washing. These steps consist of soap and warm water with the use of friction followed by an antiseptic. In these experiments, we will see how microorganisms are present all around us, from our lab bench to the cough from your partners mouth. With all of the transient microbes floating around, you will also see the effectiveness of the hand washing technique. Objective: The purpose of this experiment is to show the distinguishing characteristics between different bacteria when inoculated in agar or broth media. Experiment 16 shows that microorganisms are present everywhere and the purpose of antiseptic. Hypothesis:
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Lab report 2 - Annette Prewett (Sidney Pearson, Andrea...

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