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Bibliography Anon, 1993. The Chicago Manual of Style . 14th edition, Chicago, University of Chicago Press. Denzin, N.K. and Lincoln, Y.S., editors, 1994. Handbook of Qualitative Research . Sage, Thousand Oaks. Ebert, J., Suttenbach, R., and Uhe, I., 1997. Meta-CASE in practice: a case for KOGGE. In: A. Olivé and J. A. Pastor, editors. Advanced Information Systems Engineering: 9th International Conference, CAiSE 97 . Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain, June 16–20 1997, Springer, Berlin, pp. 203–216. Foster, A. 2004. A nonlinear model of information-seeking behavior. Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology . 55(3), 228–237. IFIP WG 8.2. Scope and Aims of IFIP WG 8.2, at (December 15, 1996). Jain, R., 1991. The Art of Computer Systems Performance Analysis: Techniques for Experimental Design, Measurement, Simulation, and Modeling Kuhlthau, C. 1993. Seeking Meaning: A Process Approach to Library and Information Services . Norwood, Ablex, cop. Lee, A. S., 2001. Challenges to qualitative researchers in information systems. In: E. M. Trauth, editor. Qualitative Research in IS: Issues and Trends . IDEA group publishing, Hershey, PA, USA, pp. 240–270. Limberg, L. 2000. Is there a relation between information seeking and learning outcomes? In: C. Bruce and P. Candy, editors. Information Literacy : Advances in Programs and Research . Wagga Wagga, Charles Sturt University Centre for Information Studies, pp. 193–207. Maansaari, J. and Iivari, J., 1999. The evolution of CASE usage in Finland between 1993 and 1996. . 36(1):37–53. Marton, F. 2000. The practice of learning. Nordisk pedagogik . 20(4):230–236. Orlikowski, W. J., 1993. CASE tools as organizational change: investigation incremental and radical changes in systems development. Management Information Systems Quarterly . 17(3):309–340. Post, G. and Kagan, A., 2000. OO-CASE tools: an evaluation of Rose. Information and Software Technology . 42(6):383–388. Sampaio, P. R. F., and Paton, N. W., 1997. Deductive object-oriented database systems: a survey. In: A. Geppert and M. Berndtsson, editors, Proceedings of the 3rd International Workshop on Rules in Database Systems , Vol 1312 in Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Springer, pp. 1–19. Talja, S. 2002. Information sharing in academic communities: types and levels of collaboration in information seeking and use. New Review of Information Behavior Research . 3:143–160. Tichy, W. F., 1998. Should computer scientists experiment more? 16 excuses to avoid experimentation. IEEE Computer . 31(5):32–40. Walsham, G., and Waema, T., 1994. Information systems strategy and implementation: a case study of a building society. ACM Transactions on Information Systems . 12(2):150–173. Wilson, T. 1999. Exploring models of information behaviour: the uncertainty project.
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Bibliog - Bibliography Anon, 1993. The Chicago Manual of...

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