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5 Developing your Project Proposal A project proposal is a brief description of what you intend to do. Typically, a project proposal is only a few pages long. On these few pages you need to introduce the reader to the: Subject area . What is the topic and scope of your project? Aim . What is the goal of your project? Arguments . Why is it important to investigate the chosen topic? Objectives . Preliminary ideas for how you intend to achieve the aim. Figure 5.1 presents an overview of activities to be carried out when developing a project proposal. In subsequent sections, we shall take a closer look at each one of these activities. 5.1 Choosing a Subject Area As outlined above, the subject area is the topic of your project. Some example areas within computer science and information systems are: electronic commerce, soft- ware engineering and human-computer interaction. Apart from choosing a subject area, it is necessary to describe the topic of your project in more detail, for example: Database systems . Object-oriented databases, relational databases, active data- bases, multimedia databases, distributed databases, etc Electronic commerce . Infrastructure, web auctions, web shops, company strate- gies for implementing electronic commerce, etc Software engineering . Software testing, object-oriented modelling, CASE tools, rapid prototyping, etc Human-computer interaction. Usability, interface design, visualisation, etc These examples show that the names of subject areas often correspond to course names, titles of textbooks, or keywords in research articles. 27 M. Berndtsson et al. (eds.), Planning and Implementing your Computing Project - with Success! © Springer 2008
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28 5 Developing your Project Proposal In some situations, a subject area consists of a combination of other subject areas, for example, databases and human-computer interaction. These could be combined, perhaps, to become user interfaces for database systems . In addition, there are subject areas that combine computer science or information science with another academic field. For example, bioinformatics can be viewed as a combina- tion of computer science and biology. Although these types of subject areas are worthwhile to explore, it can be problematic to find a supervisor for such a project. The supervisor should know the related subject area well. Alternatively, you may need two supervisors. 5.1.1 Start Early Finding and choosing a subject area for the project is a task that benefits from being initiated well before the actual project begins. Start thinking about possible subject areas early, and let the decision regarding the chosen area of study be refined incre- mentally. In this way, you can avoid hastily made decisions that are not well motivated. Another benefit of starting early is that before the project begins, you may have
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Chap5 - 5 Developing your Project Proposal A project...

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