Chap7 - 7 Developing your Aim To succeed with your project...

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7 Developing your Aim To succeed with your project, you first have to define the aim of the project clearly. This is necessary because it clarifies in your own mind exactly what it is you are aiming to achieve. It also helps you to communicate with your supervisor, your examiner and other people whom you want to talk with about your project. To keep the discussions “on track”, it is necessary that both you and the person you talk to understand precisely what the project is all about. Furthermore, the aim is necessary in order to evaluate the usefulness of your project. If you have a clear aim, anyone to whom you present your intended project to can easily judge whether they are interested in the outcome or not. Finally, formulating a clear statement of the aim at the beginning of your project facilitates evaluation of the outcome when you have completed it. As part of the evaluation, your examiner will check to see if you have fulfilled the aim of your project. Consequently, the activity of developing the aim at the very beginning is a way of finding out what demands your supervisor and examiner will make on a success- ful project. Therefore, once your project proposal has been accepted, you should contact your supervisor as soon as possible, in order to discuss necessary refinements to your aim. 7.1 Meetings with Your Supervisor Meetings with your supervisor are stimulating events where knowledge is created! The meetings with your supervisor are opportunities for you to present your ideas, get valuable feedback on those ideas, and to discuss all aspects of your project. At all meetings, it is important that you use the time well. This means that you should come properly prepared, for example by having written down in advance the questions that you would like to ask your supervisor. The focus of the first meeting with your supervisor will be a discussion regard- ing what the aim of the project should be. The submitted (and now accepted) project proposal, possibly together with comments from the examiner, represents 45 M. Berndtsson et al. (eds.), Planning and Implementing your Computing Project - with Success! © Springer 2008
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46 7 Developing your Aim input to this first discussion. At the first meeting, we recommend that you agree with your supervisor on how you would like to work together during the project: When should meetings take place? We recommend that meetings take place regularly. You might for example, schedule to meet weekly for 1 h. The frequency and length of meetings may depend on a guideline used at your department, or it may be up to the supervisor to decide according to his or her own schedule. If there is a local guideline, the frequency and length of meetings vary a lot between departments. Regardless, it is important to find out how often you will be able to meet your supervisor and to come well prepared to all meetings. How and when should material be handed in for comments? Make arrangements
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Chap7 - 7 Developing your Aim To succeed with your project...

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