Landscape Architecture Review

Landscape Architecture Review - Landscape Architecture...

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Landscape Architecture Review 50 questions for lecture (2 pts each) 25 questions for reading (2 pts each) Total: 150 pts Physiographic provences Days and people Different places and series of dates Map Projection It is not possible to represent on a flat map the spatial relationships of: Angle Distance Direction Area Scale all on the same projection. A globe is required Mercator Projection – (cylindrical) First Published in 1569 Alaska looks bigger than Mexico on this kind of projection but that is incorrect Goode’s Interrupted Projection Maps Large Scale=Smaller Area, More Detail, Larger RF number – denominator small Small Scale=Large area, less detail, smaller RF number – denominator large One unit on the map Written scale – 1 inch is equal to 64 miles Graphic Scale Ways of showing relief or elevation on map (See pictures of each) Hillocks Hachures Contour Lines Also the use of color and shading San Francisco Bay Area, California Line shows maximum extend of continental galciation Fall line – goes through many cities Rocky Mountains: Southern, Middle, and Northern Rocky Mountains Wyoming Basin Piedmont: SEE MAP ON MOODLE!!!
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19 physiographic Provinces for KNOW WHATS IN THEM WHY THEY ARE WHAT THEY ARE Similar landscape features in each province including: soil, topography, water, glaciations, etc. (like a
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Landscape Architecture Review - Landscape Architecture...

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