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Names of all the authors Who they are Something about them Names of all the pieces they wrote Howard Eaton Owen Wister – also wrote the Virginian Frederick Law Olmsted Concord Hymn – Battle of Lexington Concord: April 19, 1775 – written by: Ralph Waldo Emerson John Muir calls Emerson the sequoia, he was giving him a complement What month was represented in the good oak? February Sans County located? Leopold – ethics of the environmental Where does the sans come from? Wisconsin Leopold bought a worn down piece of country planted a trees and that was his research Who wrote a nations park? George Catlin Whos the author of the anthology mirror of America? Dave ?? o In intro he stated that only 2 people out of the whole list could be called nature writers o Muir and ??? Who used free verse in poetry a lot – part of the Chicago renaissance? Tember? Thomas Wolf: what did he write?
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Unformatted text preview: • Quotes? o Know the story lines and what theyre about o “These things I conquered…” – Aldo Leopold o “when the muskrat went under the bridge…” – Annie Dillan (anything with muskrats) o “it is quite worth while to go down and visit the canyon…” – John Burns o “on the second day….came in on mule back…” – o “…….” – Frederick Law Olmstead o Yosemite – the first national reserve by federal action o “it is from us …whether to be dedicated” – Abraham Lincoln (Ghettysburg Address) o “…. .” – rhinehart? o “I would ask no other…” – George Catlin (national parks = institution) Who wrote on tour through the yellowstone? Who wrote …great west? Who wrote reflected distinction? Who wrote preservation for all? Frederick law olmstead Who wrote…America? [email protected]
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