Succession and Natural Selection 1

Succession and Natural Selection 1 - Over time these...

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Succession and Natural Selection 1 Darwin claims that for animals and plants to evolve there needs to be four characteristics; isolation, reproduction, natural selection, and they need to be fit sexually. To evolve with isolation means that you adapt to what you are around, not what is missing from the habitat. To evolve with reproduction there needs to be more than one of the subject, or in other words a boy and a girl. Natural selection and its evolvment means the animal or plant does what is necessary to survive in its surroundings. And evolving sexually means they the plant or animal should have the necessary parts, organs to be able to reproduce. In the case of the salamandarit evolved from isolation by being away from or cut off from the water, making them have to use their limbs less, or none at all.
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Unformatted text preview: Over time these salamandars reproduced, bringing fourth a generation of other salamandars also isolated from water, being born without limbs, caused by adaptation. Although the salamandars with the longer legs had a more likely chance of surviving the predators in the area. SO for the salamandars born with smaller limbs came natural selection. They did what they needed to survive larger animals and started to slither, rather than run. Finally the salamandars evolved sexually because they had the correct parts to reproduce, which in turn created others that adapted in the same way. References Berg. Visualizing Environmental Science . Ch. 6 2000-2010. Retrieved May 7,2010
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Succession and Natural Selection 1 - Over time these...

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