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Water resources are known as sources of water that are useful or that are potentially useful to society. The problem with water resources is that a depleating number of them are becoming unuseful to humans because of pollution. Water pollution can stem from many issues but one large reason is overcrowded populations. When you force too many people into one area the result is an increase in water demand and poor environmental management. As a result of this the water resources that is used by society gets polluted and becomes dangerous and unhealthy to use. Polluted water can cause serious health problems within a community when it is not properly treated, and if severe enough could cause death in an individual. As humans we need fresh, clean water for a variety of reasons. We need water to drink to be able to sustain healthy life, as well as for cooking, and washing. Water pollution becomes a major problem when mixed with these catagories. The demand in safe water has risen because of the rise in population.
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