Risk Assessment - Risk Assessment Amber N. Hunter...

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Risk Assessment Amber N. Hunter 9032841843 SCI/275 Marlene Mahle Gordon
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The first step involved in a risk assessment for adverse health effects on the pesticide Milathion, would be to make a hazardous identification. In other words it is important to find out whether the use of this pesticide will cause in future adverse health effects. The pesticide may work now with little or no side effects, but what happens in the future? Not only for the wildlife living in the wetlands, but the surrounding community as well. According to the Agency for Toxic Substance and Disease Registry there is no conclusive study showing the long term side effects of the pesticide Milathion. It is clear that the pesticide is harmless after about a week after contact, but it is unclear of what constant long term use may have effects on. If we cannot be clear what this pesticide will be doing to this community, or the wildlife and its habitat, I do not see where choosing this option would be safe, or smart. Although, not choosing this option could lead to fatalities near down the road, rather than farther in the future. If there could be a determination on the long term adverse health effects, making the decision to choose Milathion would be far more confident. The next step in the risk assessment process would be the Dose-Response Assessment. In this step I need to find out about exposure to the pesticide and how serious it may be to one’s heath. I also need to find the difference in effects of low dose exposure and high dose exposure.
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Risk Assessment - Risk Assessment Amber N. Hunter...

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