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Record Organization Checkpoint - filing would be safer in...

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Record Organization Checkpoint Amber N. Hunter After looking at the interview data thread the conclusion that I can draw from the similarities and differences in the organization of patient files and the handling of loose reports within small, medium, and large facilities would have to be that they remain more similar than they differ. One thing I noticed about my information in the interview thread was that the small facilities, while using chronological order, did handle loose reports more by hand. The medium and lager facilities handled the loose reports electronic. I would believe that the reason would be because the medium and larger facilities would probably have a much larger flow of loose paperwork compared to the smaller facilities. The electronic
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Unformatted text preview: filing would be safer in my opinion to make sure all paperwork was taken care of in an appropriate fashion, and keep from losing or misplacing it. Smaller facilities with a smaller patient workload probably would not come across problems like this being that there is a much smaller number of patients, therefore a smaller number of paperwork. Now in some of my classmate’s information in the thread it seems that in the medium and large facilities paperwork is attached to records immediately by hand. As this may work for these certain facilities I would find it safer to be done electronically, only because as humans’ mistakes can and will be made. I find the electronic method to be more trustworthy and efficient in a large scale facility....
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