Race and Your Communit1 - Race and Your Community Amber...

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Race and Your Community Amber Nicole Hunter June 20, 2010 ETH125
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Karen Gengle 1 I live in a small town in North Carolina. As far as business goes it is not very diverse, but when it comes to the people around me and in my community we are a very diverse group. So in some ways these individuals look the same as me but there is a large number who do not look like me. I am half Cherokee Indian and half Irish, with dark hair and green eyes. My father is actually Cherokee Indian and has a darker red toned skin color. But my mother is Irish, so she has fair skin and golden blonde hair; I took more after my father in looks though. In my community there are a large number of Native Americans. This group has darker tan skin and usually dark hair and eyes. There are also a predominate number of African Americans and Latin Americans in my community as well. The Latin Americans are also more of a tan skin tone with dark or black hair. And in my community the African Americans do not all have the same skin tone, some have lighter more tan skin, while some have darker colored skin tones. I believe this comes from having a lot of Indian heritage around my community, a large number African Americans around here are mixed with Indian American background. I do live in the South, and it does not have the best reputation for treating people with equality. But I am proud to say that where I live we do not really have any problems with this issue. I am treated the same way in my community as any and every other person is treated. There is no tolerance whatsoever for racism and judgment of a person because of their ethnic background. It would be foolish to say it does not happen at all, but definitely not by the leaders of our community. The people doing the judging and name calling are the people who are known as outcasts, and are usually not associated with by many members of our community. I have occasionally heard snickers or whispers by people of the community who just seem to be ignorant or uneducated against people of different ethnic backgrounds such as African American,
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Race and Your Communit1 - Race and Your Community Amber...

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