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I chose to write about the man in the last video that felt like he was getting his land robbed from him. He owned his land but it was in a trust with the American government. The American government promised in the federal budget process, to uphold its trust responsibly. This was the legal commitment made by the US government to Indian tribes when Indian land was handed over to them. The commitment is clarified in international doctrines, judicial opinions, and treaties. Although after all the promises the US government has fallen short of keeping these promises to the tribes. In an analysis done to measure the un-kept needs in Indian tribes, the study shows a much lower than needed funding for critical needs on Indian reservations; such as law enforcement, and healthcare,
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Unformatted text preview: and even education. Now the NCAI has stepped in and recommended a way to reverse this trend and strengthen the needs in these Indian Tribes that have been shorted for so long. I would have to say that the legislation involved in this situation would have to be the federal government. There were mistakes made by many different departments, with these mistakes the Indians had to live poor uneasy lives. They have been promised help with living, education, and healthcare, among others. Unfortunately the government has not been successful in carrying out all of these promises. The sad part is that the Indians like the man being robbed of his land are left to suffer, and wonder how they will make it day to day....
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