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Legal Terms Checkpoint - 9 Court order a written command...

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Legal Terms Checkpoint Amber N. Hunter 1. Administrative Law- is a source of law and is the regulations that have been created by administrative agencies in the government. 2. Discovery- in the legal definition, discovery is the process in which lawyers obtain their information on a case. 3. Impeach- is when a party or individual is thrown out of a case due to lack of trust or other unethical reasons. 4. Case law- also known as common law is when the law is based on a judicial decision rather than a statute. 5. Civil law- deals with the legal rights and relationships between individuals, such as a contract or a tort. 6. Common law- also known as case law is when the law is based on a judicial decision rather than a statute. 7. Assault- a threat or attempt of doing bodily harm to an individual. 8. Battery- unlawful touching that results in the harm of an individual.
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Unformatted text preview: 9. Court order- a written command which has been ordered by the court or a judge. 10. Criminal law- deals with crimes committed and the punishment given for those crimes. 11. Confidentiality- is when a person’s information is kept secret and they can be assured that without authorization their information will not be disclosed. 12. Negligence- is a failure to act with the proper degree of responsibility which ends in an unintended injury to another party. 13. Public law- dealing with the relationships between an individual and the government. 14. Statutory law- is a law passed by a legislative body. This law may be amended, repealed, or expanded by the legislative body by which it was passed. 15. Contracts- a binding agreement which is made between two or more parties and is upheld in a court of law....
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