ImplicitAssociationTest - I am very confident that I am not...

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Implicit Association Test What is the result of your IAT? Do you think the test produced valid results in your case? In your opinion, is it difficult to accurately measure prejudice? Why? Describe other measurements sociologists utilize to calculate prejudice. Well, the result of my IAT read that I moderately prefer European Americans over African Americans. Truthfully, I do not think the test produced a valid result for me. I can say I know I do not prefer any race or ethnicity before the next. Before I took this test I would believe that yes you could measure a person’s prejudice accurately. However, after taking the test myself and receiving the result I got, I would have to say that I do not think you could measure someone’s prejudice accurately.
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Unformatted text preview: I am very confident that I am not prejudice, and I never expected to get the results I got. This test seemed to me more like a speed game. Very unreliable and poorly thought out. Sociologists claim that prejudice can only be measured in relative difference. A conclusion can be made on whether the prejudice is greater or less in a case, but a number cannot be put on the conclusion. Another tool used to calculate prejudice would be the social distance scale, also known as the Bogardus scale, after Emily Bogardus; the creator. This scale takes a measure on one’s tendency to approach or withdraw from a racial group. The results of the Social Distance Scale, unlike others, are useful enough to use in studies and comparisons....
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ImplicitAssociationTest - I am very confident that I am not...

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