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Capstone CheckPoint I believe that learning the difference between race and ethnicity has helped me to better understand specific minority groups. I am now able to define a race as someone’s physical characteristics and their genetic history. As for ethnicity it is based more on an individual’s race and cultural group. Before this class I could not have begun to describe the differences between the two. When going over the American Indians in this class I found it hit me a little closer than any of the other groups. My grandmother is full blooded Cherokee, and I could really relate more to them. I found it very sad what the government has done with the land of these people. I felt as though it was an unfair injustice. I believe one of the great things about the United States is its diversity.
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Unformatted text preview: It is beautiful how so many different cultures and races can live amongst each other. With all the steps we have made to accept each other and all the differences that come with that I feel that by 2050 the United States will be made up of a diverse cultural mask. The minority population here has grown and continues to grow. With the correct acceptance the United States will be home to a variety of different groups and origins. The best way for us to prepare for this change is to keep educating our future generations and ourselves on how to accept each other for our differences and not be judgmental. Keeping an open mind free of judgment will be the key for a diverse, successful country....
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