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energy slideshow - And education can help you utilize your...

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Conserving energy is so important to us because the amount of nonrenewable energy on earth is so limited. It is even more important for us to use our renewable sources because if we continue to use the nonrenewable natural resources, there will eventually be none left for us or future generations. Renewable energy is the energy that we as humans can produce ourselves. Wind power Solar power hydropower Nonrenewable energy is energy that can not be reproduced by humans, instead it is a natural resource that comes from the earth. Oil Gas coal To conserve energy and help the environment at the same time it is key to focus on the things you do and use during your day. Whether it be riding your bike to work and saving gas, or turning the thermostat up or down when your not really using it.
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Unformatted text preview: And education can help you utilize your options, the more you know the more you conserve, so read up on ways to conserve and save. Change what you use Change what you do Educate yourself The government has been extremely helpful in the efforts of conserving energy by offering tax deductions for the use of things such as hybrids, solar panels, and the purchase of energy efficient appliances. Hybrids Solar Panels Energy Efficient Appliances So the importance of renewable and nonrenewable energy has equal components. They are both important in keeping our world running and making sure it continues to run as it does in the future. Nonrenewable- conserve conserve conserve Renewable- create create create For future generations, we need much Conservation!...
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