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Deloitte and Touche Case Study - They did so by starting...

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Deloitte and Touche Case Study – Checkpoint Amber N. Hunter 9032841843 HRM/240 Everything seemed to be fine at Deloitte and Touche, they had a fifty percent new hire rate of women and it had been ten years for the company. They now expected bids for partnership to begin, but they realized that instead of seeing an increase in the woman applying, they actually began seeing a decrease in the number of women applying for partnership. After a massive information gathering initiative performed by the company they found three reasons of complaint by the women. The complaints consisted of a limited opportunity for advancement, being excluded from mentoring and networking, and the women experiencing work and family issues. Due to the problems that had arose for Deloitte and touché changes had to be made to the company or else the dwindling number of women could have a negative effect on the company, both financially and socially. Deloitte and Touche decided to rethink their working environment.
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Unformatted text preview: They did so by starting with a new commitment to a flexible work arrangement. They reduced the workload and added flextime for the employees. Formal career planning for women was also added due to the fact women believed there were no opportunities for advancement within the company. The results of the changes the company made had a positive outcome. Not only did the retention of women in the entire company rise, but also the turnover rate for women were higher than that of men which was a first in the history of Deloitte and Touche. The only advice I would give their managers would be to stay involved with the on goings of the company as it happens, this will prevent the negative outcome in the future. But as far as problem solving, I think the managers did an upstanding job at bringing the company back to the top and satisfying their women employees....
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