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Classical Societies Essay - Civilization I have chosen the...

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Classical societies have produced a magnificent array of artwork that continues to marvel both individuals and scholars today. In order to examine artwork in relation to its culture, it is necessary to break down the piece of artwork to thoroughly analyze it. The artwork that will be examined will be the ______ from the classical period, the ______ from the Hellenistic Greece period, the ______ from Etruscan Civilization, the ______ from the Roman Republic, and the _____ from Roman Empire
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Unformatted text preview: Civilization. I have chosen the Parthenon for the Classical Greece period. The Parthenon is a form of architecture. It serves as a temple in the Athenian Acropolis of Greece. The structure was built in dedication to the Greek goddess Athena. The relationship between this art and the civilization was that the goddess Athena was known as a protector to the people of Athens....
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