Characteristics of Orientalism

Characteristics of Orientalism - Since Arabs and Muslims...

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Characteristics of Orientalism, Prejudice, and Discrimination Checkpoint Although many people do not know this, there is a large difference in Muslims and Arabs. Being Arab is more of a nationality, meaning someone who is from the Arab or Arabian Region. Arabs are free to choose what religion they want to follow and be a part of. , while Muslims are individuals who are following a certain religion. The religion Muslims practice is called Islam. Muslims are basically a religious group, whereas Arabs are more of a nationality. According to my research, after the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq, the US identified new laws, known as Terror Laws. By broadening the definition of terrorists, they made it possible to implement holding non-US nationals without charge or lawyer.
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Unformatted text preview: Since Arabs and Muslims have rights and this is considered racial prejudice or discrimination, the law did not stand in its original form for long. The imitation on aspects of Eastern cultures can be referred to as Orientalism. Orientalism can also be considered a stance towards the region by a person as sympathetic. To promote tolerance in our towns and cities, we as society should educate others on these different backgrounds and the meaning of prejudice towards them. Prejudice against these two groups can come from an individual simply not understanding them, or fearing that of which they do not know. I believe knowledge is the key to reducing some of the prejudice placed on Arab and Muslim members of society....
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