cs6235-Eval-streaming - CS6235 PROJECT PROPOSAL EVALUATION,...

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CS6235 PROJECT PROPOSAL EVALUATION, PERFORMANCE ANALYSIS AND OPTIMIZATION OF REAL TIME STREAMING PROTOCOLS Prashant Prabhu Mrunal Upadhyay College of Computing College of Computing Georgia Institute of Technology Georgia Institute of Technology Atlanta, Georgia 30363 Atlanta, Georgia 30363 pprabhu8 @gatech.edu mrunal.upadhyay@gatech.edu Goal: The goal of the project is to perform evaluation and performance analysis of real time streaming protocols RTSP (Real Time Streaming Protocol), RTP (Real Time Transport Protocol) and RTCP (Real Time Control Protocol) and explore the possible reasons for under- performance of these protocols and hence come up with solutions to optimize their performance. Motivation: Real Time Streaming is a widely used feature today which helps users view videos and listen to audio remotely with an illusion of the media file being local by minimizing the frame transmission delay and display jitter as much as possible. Examples include widely used YouTube and lecture videos used by students. Transmission of real-time video typically has bandwidth, delay, and loss requirements. However, the current Internet configuration does not guarantee to any quality of service (QoS). To address these challenges proposed by internet streaming, no significant research has been conducted since last decade. This special issue is aimed at dissemination of the contributions in the field of streaming video over the Internet. To introduce this special issue with the necessary background and provide an integral view on this field, we cover mainly the following areas of streaming video that covers application-layer QoS control, streaming
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cs6235-Eval-streaming - CS6235 PROJECT PROPOSAL EVALUATION,...

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