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CS 6235 PROJECT PROPOSAL CO&TEXTUALLY AWARE LOCATIO& FI&DI&G MOBILE APPLICATIO& Shruti Gupta Tarang Gupta College of Computing College of Computing Georgia Institute of Technology Georgia Institute of Technology Atlanta 30363, GA Atlanta 30363, GA [email protected] [email protected] GOAL Our goal is to develop a mobile application that renders the mobile sensible or contextually aware. This awareness enables the device to take decisions independently and change the phone’s behavior in useful ways based on user’s environmental circumstances. For example, it would automatically switch the user’s profile to “Mute” when it detects that the user is in a hospital or a movie theater. Location finding capability will make it possible for the user to find not only its current location but also directions to its destination using the GPS. The application would enlist all the important places in the user’s current location categorically. It would also be able to locate other users of the application if they are added in one’s friend list. The user will be able to store important landmarks (for eg: home). On arriving at the same place again it would retrieve the information and control other applications appropriately. Using the microphone, it would determine if the user is in the midst of a conversation, and through the intensity of light, which can be caught using the camera, the surroundings would be judged. The application would also be smart enough to monitor the battery status and shut down power intensive applications to conserve energy. Contextual Awareness >>> Mobiles represent the best and worst of modern wireless technology. They facilitate business, recreation, and vital emergency communication. But, they pose significant distraction as well,
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cs6235-Location-find - CS 6235 PROJECT PROPOSAL CO...

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